Men's Service

High-End Mens Hair Salon & SPA Edmonton

In case of men’s, Hairs are counted as most attractive and personality development factors. 1/3 of personality depends upon their hair styles and face look. So it’s the major part where we stand in today’s world to serve you in a better way with a fresh and smart look.

We here at Inn Style Salon, always keep working on new haircuts and personality growing styles for men’s – Offering a full range of services including the best haircuts, hair removal and nail grooming, massages or skin care and much more – all surrounding Edmonton area.

Mens Hair Salon Edmonton (Inn Style Salon) – Providing top notch hair salon services to men and young men or kids, with a unique client focus for everyone, all in a warm, friendly and masculine atmosphere.

In the present society, men are increasingly focused and mindful of how they need their hair to look further more unique and stylist, and also the correct consideration of their skin. They might want to have the option to come into a salon that is focused on giving these healthy skin care services without any damage.

So… Here we offer some of our best mens hair salon services, which include:

  • a) Haircuts & Styling
  • b) Shaves
  • c) Nail Treatments
  • d) Waxing
  • e) Face Treatments
  • f) Scalp Treatments
  • g) Grooming Packages
  • h) Coloring Services
  • i) Head Wash
  • j) Beard Trim
  • k) Head Massage
  • l) Threading
  • m) Ear Waxing
  • n) Kids Haircut also available…

Furthermore, from the deep analysis of men’s theory, seeing the same beautician consistently offers you the chance to become familiar with your hair shape and style ideas you choose the most time. With regular visits or meetings with your preferred and favorite stylists a cool relationship will be made where you can have extraordinary discussion and they’ll know precisely what you need that works best for your look. They’ll recollect you and your hair and can trim it exactly how you like it as always.


Describing the best of our services below to go further more deep, have a read:

Unique Haircuts and Styles:

Get a customized hair style from our experts at our salon while sitting in front of the TV and enjoying the song, movies, news or other program along with your hair care.


Hair Colors & Shading:

After a consultation with you, our specialist will prescribe the best of hair shading and colors that will help you to get more attractive and smart look which you desired the most.

Healthy Skin Care Services:

This is an amazingly relaxing service which serve by purifying, peeling, supporting and hydrating your face. Don’t worry we are expert in it from the last decade.


Nail Treatments:

Our highly expert beauticians will prepare your nails to a spotless, smart and high-end look just as smooth and mollify your skin and finish with a healthy and relaxing massage.

Hair Removal Experts:

Our beauticians are highly Experienced in removing undesirable body hair or threading that leaves a perfect smooth finish with ensuring more longer than shaving.

Healthy & Relaxing Massage:

We are growing day by day from the last decade in providing healthy massage therapy to our clients in a relaxing atmosphere to get charge up again.